“Bauhaus Agent:innen Zeitz” – A Prototype for Cultural Education in Structural Change

Published March 31, 2022

One of the great and exciting tasks of our time is to shape urban and regional structural change in a forward-looking, positive and sustainable way under the sign of the “Green Deal”. This requires more than just innovative economic and technological incentives or architectural modifications since structual change is never linear. It is part of a complex, intergenerational debate. The respective social conditions, the cultural self-image in Zeitz as well as networked living environments in Saxony-Anhalt, but also in the whole of Europe, must be considered.

In recent years, cultural education has proven to be a central and creative building block in the process of these holistic transformations. For this reason, the Bauhaus Agent:innen project was launched. During the first quarter of 2022 the city of Zeitz and the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation launched an exploration of the cultural and educational landscape in Zeitz. This meeting is initiated and creatively accompanied by the Bauhaus Agent:innen Zeitz, the representatives of the foundation, in which a joint exchange takes place on site. The aim is to find out in which way experiences from other model programmes on the subject of sustainable cultural education can be integrated into Zeitz.

Based on the mediation work of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, the Bauhaus representatives understand art and cultural education as political fields of action and places of collegial teamwork. Here, social challenges can be actively addressed to help shape the present and the future. The Bauhaus Agent:innen work interdisciplinary with a focus on creating spaces in which collective action can be implemented. The aim is not only to facilitate processes of cultural structural change in Saxony-Anhalt. Beyond that, the claim is to make these spaces low-threshold and by that means easily accessible in any form. A special concern is to discover new ways of knowledge production and cultural mediation: places and key figures of schools and extracurricular education are part of sustainable project cooperations, while their work is linked up and strengthened.

The Bauhaus Agent:innen Zeitz would like to address people in an intergenerational, diversity- and discrimination-sensitive way. The aim is to invite people to think creatively about how we want to live together in the future. Because cultural education and sustainable research have the potential for all of us to become a central and creative building block in the transformation process of the city of Zeitz.


Who are the Bauhaus Agent:innen Zeitz?

  • Concept and research: Tuan Do Duc, Andrea Günther, Julia Kurz, Wiebke Steinert
  • Graphics: Wiebke Steinert
  • Illustration: Stefanie Leinhos
  • Project management: Dr. Werner Möller, Dr. Barbara Steiner


The project “Bauhaus Agent:innen Zeitz – A Prototype for Cultural Education in Structural Change” takes place within the framework of the Structural Change in the Central German District of Saxony-Anhalt and the Initiative for a New European Bauhaus.

Events with the Bauhaus Agent:innen

29.03.2022, Presentation at the Kunsthaus Zeitz
“Bauhaus Agent:innen Zeitz” – Cultural Education in Structural Change

22.02.2022, Symposium in Zeitz Town Hall – Opportunities of artistic and cultural education in school and extracurricular settings

4.30 – 4.45 a.m.: Opening: Christian Thieme, Lord Mayor of Zeitz
Introduction: Werner Möller and Julia Kurz, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

4.45 – 5.30 a.m.: Short presentations
Approaches, possibilities and opportunities of artistic and cultural education in school and extracurricular settings

Curatorial practice and art in everyday life (Julia Kurz, Bauhaus Agent/Leipzig)

The “Bauhaus Agent:innen Programme” in Dessau (Jutta Stein and Anne Schneider, employees of the Curatorial Workshop/Bauhaus Dessau Foundation)

Cultural education in the regional area (Lena Seik, art mediator/ Leipzig and Wiebke Steinert, Bauhaus representative/ Leipzig)

Educational partnerships between schools and cultural institutions (Andrea Günther, Bauhaus representative/ Berlin and Sandra Braun, teacher/ Berlin)

5.45 – 7.00 a.m.: Round table
exchange – discussions – getting to know each other